Break the box and don't limit the style


Break the box and don't limit the style


We are committed to expanding the design and application of new materials with our excellent materials Achieve consistent and reliable quality

Sapphire art

With the industry’ s cutting-edge technology and high-end technical barriers, CRONUSART put forward the 28 rules for the sapphire process. Specifically, it is 28 days of synthetic raw materials, 28 hours of continuous grinding, no less than 28% elimination rate, and 280℃ high-temperature multilayer coating. What is worth mentioning is that the brand’ s grinding and polishing technology for large-size sapphires reaches the peak of perfection. The craftsmen are required to cut and polish the crystal four times on a non-cracked, flawless basis until it meets the ergonomic perfection of the radian, which is a pioneering effort to give full play to the hardness and toughness of sapphires. CRONUSART presents a perfect sapphire watch to our high-end customers, which is mutual respect and identification.


Under the high temperature of 2,400°C and high pressure of 7,500 N/cm2, the isotropic material was compressed by injecting nanoscale carbon fibre. After 600 layers of multi-angle superimposed hot pressing technology, the carbon fibre layer with a thickness of less than 30 microns is formed. CRONUSART has always paid attention to the experience all the time. On the basis of following the ergonomics, the watchmaker polishes it into a non-inductive carbon fibre watch case that fits the wrist best. The fine wood pattern on the surface is presented in a perfect way after hundreds of adjustments. CRONUSART proved the fact that although execution may not get good results, it is doomed to have no results without implementation.

Ceramic art

CRONUSART chose the best firing solution from thousands of ceramic body tests. Using a special proportion of zirconia powder fired at 1,400℃, the size of the crystal is about one-thousandth of a millimetre, and the size of the particulate matter is about one-fifth of the diameter of a human hair. Subsequently, it would be epeatedly polished by the craftsman with a diamond knife and polishing fluid. The 45 production processes and a series of fabrication processing enable the porcelain body to present a liquid texture and metallic lustre, always showing in a low-key, introverted and extraordinary and meaningful posture.

Joint R & D movement

Peacock watch industry was founded in 1957. Now, it has become one of the largest manufacturers of mechanical watch movements in China. CRONUSART reached the strategic partner relationship with PEACOCK enjoying the reputation of a great craftsman to jointly research and develop independent movements, have complementary advantages and co-share technologies, and constantly drive the optimization and upgrading of the development pattern of China's movement industry and clock industry.

Infinite mirror change

Infinite mirror change, The brand is the first to provide lifelong mirror replacement service for custom-ers.Please be rest assured, we provide lifetime maintenance